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About GHP
Gas Heat Pump Air-conditioning (GHP), operating on clean burning gaseous fuel (natural gas), provides both cooling and heating by circulating refrigerant with a compressor driven by a gas engine. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient product. The difference between GHP and air source heat pump air conditioning is: the former is driven by a gas engine and uses gas as the fuel while the latter is driven by electric motor and uses the electricity as the energy.

Working Principle

Cooling in Summer
Driven by the gas engine, the compressor makes the refrigeration and supplies 7℃ cold water for equipment like the fan coil; the energy efficiency is improved by making the domestic hot water from engine coolant and exhaust heat.
Heating in Winter
Driven by the gas engine, the compressor makes the heating. 45℃ hot water is made of the heating together with engine coolant and exhaust hear, and being supplied to indoor by fan coil, underfloor heating coil and radiator.

● Lean burning and low emission gas engine with long maintenance period
● Easy to install and dismantle. Convenient for maintenance
● Ultra-low power consumption: GHP reduces power loading within a building especially during peak periods in summer.
● Precise load control and fast temperature regulation

● Leading Frost-free control technology
● Intelligent Anti-freezing: In winter, the multiple anti-freezing functions of the system can avoid cracking and leaking of the water pipes and related equipment.
● In multi-unit parallel operating mode, the system can set each unit operate turn and turn about according to the load condition to balance their operating time. The service time and stability of the units can be improved greatly in this way.